Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July and a BIG Announcement!

We have had a great weekend with our family and celebrating our freedom in America. Sunday we spent the day with my family. Sadie enjoyed playing in her pool and sliding down her slide into the pool. She is BIG daredevil! After swimming we had a great cookout and we wrapped up the night with fireworks.


Monday evening we went to visit Daustin’s family in Frankfort. We all enjoyed some more great food and Sadie loved playing in the campground playground. We wrapped up the evening with some yummy s’mores. Again Sadie was not scared of the fire…


On Friday Daustin and I got some great news…We are very excited to announce are expecting a baby again! Our new baby will be due in early March (I  think). I will give more updates as we have them.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Yesterday we had the privilege of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We had an awesome time worshiping and listening to God’s word preached at Ninth and O yesterday. Then we spent the afternoon with family celebrating the day and reflecting on what Christ did for us on the cross over 2000 years ago. Here are some pictures from the day as we spent time with our family!


2nd Annual Easter Party

This year our group of friends gathered for our second annual Easter party. We had such a great time. We had some friends who were new to the party this year, so glad Leah, Erica, and Meghan where able to join us with their kiddos. There were 2 friends who were not able to come though because they have moved since last year, we missed you Emily and Rachel!! We had our traditional pot luck lunch and Easter egg hunt. However, Louisville has been in a bit of a rainy season lately (to put it lightly!) so we had the egg hunt inside. It was crazy as usual with all of our kids but we had a blast. The conversation with the mommies is by far one of the highlights of the event clip_image002


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miss Independent

Sadie has become increasingly independent, which makes me both happy and sad. This means that is she is able to feed herself a meal she wants to. This past week for lunch I made her some pasta and bananas for lunch, which for a toddler learning to feed herself means no clothes on during the meal (and I know those foods do not  sound great together but they are two of her favorite foods!) Below are some pictures from that day, note the sauce on her face and hands Smile


This last picture is her “why do you keep taking my picture when I'm eating?” face.

Enjoying the Weather

We have been blessed this past week to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather for April. In fact the temperature in Louisville today is forecasted to read 88! This past week Sadie and I have been out on several days enjoying this great weather. Sadie has also enjoyed playing with her new outside toys from Grandma Kratzer! She says a big thank you to Grandma Rolling on the floor laughing


Sadie Sitting on “The Pot”

No Sadie isn’t ready just yet for potty training. That is I time I dread and long for all at the same time. In he meantime though Sadie has started “practicing” I guess you could say… She has one my pots that she plays with that she has decided isn’t just for cooking with. Right now she tries to sit on virtually anything she can (not sure why that is…) and this pot is no exception, enjoy Smile


Monday, March 28, 2011

“First” Zoo Trip

Sadie has been to the zoo before last summer so our trip last week wasn’t her technical first trip to the zoo. However, she wasn’t old enough to notice the animals or really know where she was last summer. For Christmas Daustin got us a pass for this year so that we could visit the zoo whenever we wanted. Last Monday was our first trip of the year and Sadie’s “first” time going and actually looking at the animals. We were a little nervous because she tends to be afraid of animals she sees outside her windows at home (like squirrels and dogs even though she has a dog). To our surprise she did pretty well. She clung to her Daddy for safety for most of the trip. She did enjoy looking at the zebras and the under water tank viewing area of the sea lions. Her favorite part of he day though was the swings at the playground Smile